Maximise lead generation and increase sales conversion for your real estate business

An exclusive realestate CRM

What is Realestica ?

Realestica is specifically developed software solution for real estate busineses to improve sales conversion and marketing impact while monitoring employee productivity and forecasting ROI. 

Centrally monitored sales process

Digitally managed sales database & pipeline 

Automatic lead follow-up with emails and messages

In-built business analytics and business forecasting

Improved sales impact with digital collaterals

Real time team communication


Evaluate your employee performance accurately

Track each employee activity seperately and get reports on their overall contribution. Evaluate their productivity accurately and use the reports to offer them performance appraisals accordingly.

Sales performances are calculated with targets and metrics assigned to each employee on which their performance ratings are done.


Better sales pitch
with digital sales content

Create extremely interactive sales contents to provide compelling sales pitch for your customers by including videos, slideshows, animations, and much more to your sales content.

Give a virtual tour of a property to your customers and create more trust in them about your brand.


Set up a
sales content library

Your salesforce can  access and dig deeper into client specific sales documents offline or online from anywhere. Show what your customers want and must see.


Automate adminstrative task management

Focus more on business growth rather than focussing on managing small yet time consuming adminstrative tasks.

Realestica automates meeting reminders, periodic payment reminders, inter department information sharing, multiple status updates and lot more to save a ton of productive time for your organisation.


Instant follow-up for your sales leads

No more communication gap with the customers. Do what your lead management system cannot do.
Gather customer information and send follow up mails and messages instantly and automatically.
Customer interactions with the messages and mails will be redirected to the advertisement system acting as a bridge between your sales and marketing activities. 


Measure ROI from different marketing channels

As a real estate company your organisation would be involved in multiple forms of maketing to generate real estate leads.
This might include direct marketing, Search engine marketing, social media marketing, online advertising and associations with real estate lead generation companies. 

Realestica will measure the return of investment in each of the marketing channels by monitoring the spendings and returns in each of the lead generatoin methods.


Track customer lifecycle from their first contact to project delivery 

Keep a track of every leads you approach till they become your customer and delivering the project. Our CRM helps you manage indepth customer information with ease by customer profiling.
You will get detailed information on every significant interaction and transaction made by the customer helping you to maintain a healthy customer relationship.


Business forecating with deep data analysis and customer buying patterns

Realestica forecasts your business performance evaluating sales performances, marketing effectiveness, adminstrative capacity and several other factors and providing you a foresight for your business.

This will help you to adapt your marketing techniques, sales strategy, financial planning in accordance to your future plans.


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