Kotlin- The next big thing for Android Development

When you think about Android development, chances are one programming language immediately springs to mind: Java. While it’s true that the majority of Android apps are written in Java, when it comes to Android development, Java isn’t your only option. Last year we heard about one JVM-compatible programming language that’s really caught the attention of the Android community is Kotlin, a statically typed programming language from JetBrains.

Kotlin is derived from the java language and inherits its advantage and overcomes its limitations. Overcoming the drawbacks of old language is become advantage of the new language. There are some advantages of kotlin.

Drastically reduce the amount of boilerplate code 
Avoid entire classes of errors such as null pointer exception
Leverage existing libraries of JVM, android and the browser
Choose any java IDE or build from command line
Companies like Pinterest, Uber, Evernote and Coursera, etc are using kotlin languages in many parts of application program and apps

Kotlin have made certain changes to protocols of syntax which make semicolon , mentioning package is optional
From reducing code to increasing development process and code readability, with several benefits, Kotlin is considered today as the new powerful language helps in streamlining Android App Development process. It enables Android Developers to deliver a quality Android App in a timely manner by accepting new challenges.
Following are the useful features and benefits of Kotlin over Java to consider it as a powerful language that streamlines Android App Development:

It helps developers to make their app developing process faster. It requires approximately 20% less coding compared to Java 
It is a very simple language compared to Java and even fresher can learn it easily. It is available with lean and intuitive syntax enables developers to learn quickly
It allows using the Java frameworks and libraries in your new Kotlin projects by using advanced frameworks without any need to change the whole project in Java
Kotlin supports the open developer networks and the strength of open source makes the network strong which is not restricted to any single company
This excellent programming language for Android App development is available just for free
Using NullPointExceptions, it helps developers to avoid errors. Its efficient compiler is specifically designed to auto-cast mistakes, in case you have checked a type as a right.

If you haven’t got an interest in JVM ecosystem because it was terminally uncool, then you should grab Kotlin and rethink on the same.


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